What are the requirements for a good driving lesson?

It is expected for you to feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness when going to your first driving lesson. However, as a novice driver, you might want to know what does a good intensive course on driving lesson will teach you to be able to judge the quality of driving lessons you are getting. Some essentials of a good driving lesson are listed for your convenience.


The Provisional Check

If you are going for your first driving lesson, the driving instructor will ask you for your provisional driving license. This is a required step to avoid any underage person from trying to cheat.

Safe Environment

For a good driving lesson, it is essential that the vehicle that you are going to use is secure and has dual brakes. The driving instructor is a professional and expert in the field. The driving instructors need to be polite and patient as they do their utmost to teach you the basics.

The Cockpit Drill

Although it is not the most thrilling driving lesson, it is one of those vital lessons which you will get to learn in your first driving classes. Cockpit Drill includes various safety and comfort checks which are done before turning the vehicle on, these include, adjusting the seat, adjusting mirrors, adjusting steering and fastening seatbelt.

Learning the basics

The most fundamental driving learning components include teaching you how to control your car. Your driving instructor will teach you about all the controls of the car, from the windscreen wipers to the dials of the heater. The first driving lesson may include learning how to move-off and stop securely.

The basic car controls include two types of controls. Foot controls which include learning to control the accelerator, clutch and foot brake. Hand controls; are handbrake, steering wheel, indicators and gear stick which are usually maneuvered by hands and thus known as hand controls.


A good driving instructor will teach you driving positively. Most traffic accidents can be avoided, if drivers react promptly without confusion. Your driving instructor should teach you the basics while keeping up with all the essential requirements for you to learn how to drive confidently.

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