Safety Tips for Driving in the Rainy Weather

While the UK is often associated with rain and the weather here can be quite unpredictable, a major part of all weather-related accidents are caused by reckless driving in rain. Driving in rainy conditions can be anxiety-inducing, especially for new drivers. However, as will our driving instructors at ExpressPASS Driving School will tell you, sitting behind the wheel in slick rainy weather does not necessarily have to be a nerve-wracking experience if you follow some simple tips for driving in wet weather.




It might sound clichéd but wet roads are dangerous, especially for new drivers. When driving in rain or rainy conditions, you are advised to drive considerably slower than you normally do. Your driving instructor at ExpressPASS Driving School will tell you that your car’s response is weaker when it is raining, so you might not be able to slow down your vehicle in time to avoid accidents.

2.Turn on Your Headlights


Whether it is day or night, if you are driving in rain, always make sure to keep your headlights on. Using dipped lights in torrential rains is a safety measure designed to help others see you and you see others on the road. Your driving lessons at ExpressPASS Driving School incorporate detailed instructions on how to drive safety in rainy weather conditions.


3.Car Maintenance

Rainfall in the UK is not restricted to just one season, but it can come at any time of the year. Therefore, car maintenance is the key to avoiding road accidents in wet weather and otherwise. Old, threadbare tires are dangerous, so you need to ensure your tires are new and performing in top condition. You can even consider buying all-weather tires. Also, get regular brake checks and keep your windshield wipers ready for the rainy season. While only a very few driving courses provide lessons in driving safely in rainy weather, Manchester Driving Course by ExpressPASS Driving School offers driving lessons and safety tips on driving safely in rainy weather in order to help seasoned and new drivers while driving in rain or rainy conditions.

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