New Car Technology: Blessing or Boon for New Drivers?

As a new driver, you are probably searching for the right kind of in-car technology that could render your driving experience easier, safer and more pleasant. These days, automobiles are packed with more and more extravagant – and sometimes overwhelming – technologies in a bid to stand out from the competitor brands. With so much to choose from, at ExpressPASS Driving School we attempt to discuss whether all these contemporary car equipment, gadgets and technologies are a blessing or a boom for the new drivers.


When it comes to cars, safety is the first priority, especially for learner drivers who are still taking their driving lessons. Built-in car safety technology has improved considerably in the last decade, and many new models have driver assistance safety measures such as electronic stability control, automatic braking, rear vision cameras, blind-spot threat detection and lane maintenance alerts that are certainly a boon for car owners and drivers. Moreover, additional built-in safety features such as teen-specific driver safety technology and parental control safe driving applications are designed to offer in-vehicle monitoring, parental supervision, pre-set speed limit provision and electronic distraction blockage for a safer driving experience.


On the other hand, new in-car technologies and a hotchpotch of in-built safety features might actually be making our driving worse. While these gadgets and apps are great advances in road safety (research reveals that these technologies help in reducing road accidents and crashes), too many drivers they are nothing more than hi-tech diversions that can get them into a false sense of security. Some people are of the opinion that rather than making driving safer, these features can, in fact, be causing more problems than they are actually solving. If learner drivers are not trained properly, new car technologies can even cause confusion, accidents and injuries. Intensive driving courses can help new drivers become familiar with contemporary car technology so that they can make the best of it.

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