How to find the best driving school in the UK?

To learn driving from a good driving school is essential. Driving schools are found abundantly, but not every driving school may provide you with the correct ambiance and motivation to learn driving. Let’s take a look at the best attributes to look for when searching for the best driving school in the UK.

Decide on the type

There are generally two types of driving schools. One type is the one that provides you normal driving lessons for first-time drivers. The other is the type of schools that offer intensive driving courses. Decide on what is your goal and then hunt for the right type.

Do some research

Before enrolling in any nearby driving school, make sure you search about all the available driving schools in your vicinity. Look for the certifications and licenses required to teach driving. In the UK Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is responsible for selecting and providing the license to driving instructors, who are then called Approved Driving Instructor or ADI.

Don’t jump at the cheapest

Don’t let a low price driving school make you compromise on the quality of your driving lesson. It’s best to go with a qualified and approved driving instructor who can teach you to become a safe driver.

A cheap driving school may be good now, but it takes longer to pass your test, it’s a false economy.

Examine the vehicles

The cars provided to you by the driving school should be secure and comfortable. Ask the staff if they have a dual brake system. It would not harm you to ask about the insurance and car service. Relax before making a decision.

Hands-on time

There is an essential requirement to get hands-on experience if you are learning to drive the first time. Ask around if the driving instructors give ample hands-on time to learners or not. Remember that driving on a highway is quite different from learning to drive in a parking lot. The learners should choose a driving school that maximizes training time behind the wheel.

Check the reputation

The last but not least, check the feedback of the driving school. You can find various online feedback platforms to check the reputation of a driving school.

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