Crash Driving Courses for New Drivers

For some people, the road to driving does not have to be long or time-consuming. If you do not want to spend months (or even years, in some cases) to learn to drive, then a crash driving course might just be the thing for you.


Crash driving courses are short-term, rigorous and intensive driving courses that are especially designed to help new, seasoned and aspiring drivers learn driving within a space of 2 weeks (generally it is 2 weeks, but some crash driving courses can be anything from 1 week to a month-long depending on the driving school’s curriculum and timeframe). An intensive driving course can help you take the driving test and obtain your driving license in just 2 short weeks.


However, under the laws laid down by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) in UK, a learner driver needs to complete an average of 45 lessons in driving plus 22 hours of private practice, so you will need to supplement your crash driving lessons with a lot of driving practice of your own. The Express Pass crash driving course is a complete intensive driving course that can help learner drivers compress many months of conventional driving lessons in a much shorter lifespan.


Although different driving schools have different timeframes and lesson plans and there are no hard-and-fast rules, but a crash driving course is typically offered in a 2-weeks time span. While the overall duration is shorter than traditional driving courses, the time spent in driving lessons is not by any means less than what you will get in conventional driving tuitions. In fact, the Express Pass Intensive Driving Course offers a major advantage over the traditional driving lessons as the learner driver gets to be out on the road all day, and focus solely on her driving without any distractions or time wasted in picking up next day from where they left off.

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