What You Need to Know When Driving in a Heatwave

Scorching temperatures associated with heatwaves are putting drivers in the UK not only at an increased risk of car breakdown but driving in a heatwave can pose new dangers to your safety. While most drivers suffice to crank up their air conditioning while driving in a heatwave, such extreme weather conditions can be hazardous for […]

Crash Driving Courses for New Drivers

For some people, the road to driving does not have to be long or time-consuming. If you do not want to spend months (or even years, in some cases) to learn to drive, then a crash driving course might just be the thing for you.   Crash driving courses are short-term, rigorous and intensive driving […]

How to Pass Your Driving Test?

In everyone’s life, there comes a time when you feel the need to get out and explore the world on the road!   It is best done legally, so you will need your papers first. Learning to drive is one of the most fantastic life skills that you can learn, but the very thought of […]

New Car Technology: Blessing or Boon for New Drivers?

As a new driver, you are probably searching for the right kind of in-car technology that could render your driving experience easier, safer and more pleasant. These days, automobiles are packed with more and more extravagant – and sometimes overwhelming – technologies in a bid to stand out from the competitor brands. With so much […]

Safety Tips for Driving in the Rainy Weather

While the UK is often associated with rain and the weather here can be quite unpredictable, a major part of all weather-related accidents are caused by reckless driving in rain. Driving in rainy conditions can be anxiety-inducing, especially for new drivers. However, as will our driving instructors at ExpressPASS Driving School will tell you, sitting […]

What are the requirements for a good driving lesson?

It is expected for you to feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness when going to your first driving lesson. However, as a novice driver, you might want to know what does a good intensive course on driving lesson will teach you to be able to judge the quality of driving lessons you are getting. […]

Top Reasons why you should enroll for driving lessons

To be able to drive yourself gives you such an elated feeling – a euphoria that you can sail with your hands on a steering wheel anywhere. Here are the top reasons why you should enroll yourself for driving lessons and get one of the greatest achievements of possessing a driving license.   Freedom to […]


Most young learner drivers tend to make a lot of mistakes and errors while first learning to drive.However, that shouldn’t bea problem as longas you have an experienced,qualifiedandprofessionaldriving instructorto guide you. The role of yourdriving instructorat yourdriving schoolisnot only to help you know the ropes of driving, but also to enable you tounderstand and remember […]

How to find the best driving school in the UK?

To learn driving from a good driving school is essential. Driving schools are found abundantly, but not every driving school may provide you with the correct ambiance and motivation to learn driving. Let’s take a look at the best attributes to look for when searching for the best driving school in the UK. Decide on […]