Most young learner drivers tend to make a lot of mistakes and errors while first learning to drive.However, that shouldn’t bea problem as longas you have an experienced,qualifiedandprofessionaldriving instructorto guide you. The role of yourdriving instructorat yourdriving schoolisnot only to help you know the ropes of driving, but also to enable you tounderstand and remember the right traffic rules, interpret the road signs correctly, and help youfollow the safety procedures.


However, not all driving instructors might be as professional and passionate about their work, so here are some signs that will tell you that you might be taking your driving lessons from the wrong driving instructor.


1-Late for Lessons

A sure tell-tale sign of a bad driving instructor is that he will turn up late and try to finish the driving lessons early so that you end up getting less driving time than you actually paid for. While being delayed once or twice can be excused, but repeatedly showing up late shows irresponsibility on the part of the instructor.



One of the most outstanding and essential characteristics that set good driving instructors from the bad ones is patience. Bad-tempered driving instructors who tend to shout or swear at their pupils are bad for morale, so avoid them like plague!


3-Unprofessional Attitude

Driving instructors who have a habit of asking personal questions reveal an unprofessional attitude. After all, you paid them to teach you how to drive and not to meddle in your private affairs, right?


4-Running Errands During Lessons

Driving instructors and their pupils both should know and understand that errands should be done outside of your driving lessons. Never allow your driving instructor to stop shopping at a store or drop their family members during your lessons. That’s highly unprofessional!



Some driving instructors have a bad habit of cancelling your driving lessons at the last moment. Steer clear of such trainers as they will give you more frustration than favour in the long run.


6-One-to-One Tuition

Your driving instructor should provide training on a one-to-one basis with no other learner in the car. An intensive driving course or a crash driving course by ExpressPASS Driving School can help you get the best driving training and lessons from some of the most qualified, experienced and helpful instructors in the UK.

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